Four guys older than rocks who sing like birds...pterodactyls!!


Unimportant facts about  TONE-HENGE

Tenor: (most of the time) Bruce Wenner. Actually a baritone, but who cares. Head of the mathematics department at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Studied under Copernicus. The quartet’s arranger, ‘cause he can tell a B-flat from whatever else there is. Remembers important stuff, like, “Pie are square”.

 Lead: (some of the time) Dan Henry. Actually a baritone, but can’t tell the difference. Retired TV weather reporter who once accurately stated, “Tonight it will be dark.” Older than dirt. Invented rope. Quartet’s arranger when song is in the key of R-sharp. 

Baritone: (once in a while) Jim Bagby. Actually a baritone. (We messed up.) Associated Press broadcast journalist, thus serves as lyricist for songs the quartet hums. Barbershop gold medal winner, so says, “Nya, nya, nya” a lot. Once performed for Queen Victoria, hence the phrase, “We are not amused.”

Bass: (most of the time) Keith Schweer. Actually a baritone but thinks he’s a bass. Not a bad soprano. Computer whiz for Sprint, speaks fluent nerd. Quartet contact man. Remembers when the Dead Sea was only sick. Once had coal black hair. That was in 1897.